Must Pack: 10 of your favourite items you won’t find in developing countries

10 items every traveller needs that you won't find overseas

If you catch me on The IG @thatblondebikinigirl than I’m sure you’ve seen me mention a few of these items before. These are the items I’ve personally been like shitttt…… I wish I remembered to bring that!

If you like to feel on top of your game with your go-to essential items.... there may be a thing or two in here for you.

  1. Liquid stevia  

If you’re anything like me I love a good hand grab into the bin of stevia packets at Starbucks! (the purse is always stocked!) I will NEVER again forget to bring my beloved sugar-free alternative again… after making this mistake once before, on a trip to Bali.


2. seasoning & sauces

I think to think I’m a Queen of salt & sauce– no shame! (I even put salt in my coffee)… I forever miss my favourite sauces & seasonings while I’m overseas so, I bring them with me! 2 bottles to be exact!


3. Facial cleansers

That time I searched far & wide in the Greek islands for Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser. & no I never did find it! Since then I ALWAYS pack a back-up. The skin wants what the skin wants!


4. Protein bars

Having snacks on the go while you travel is such a savvy traveller’s move! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! Nothing kills the mood like being hangry, and having snacks you LOVE that are easy to pack – it’s a no-brainer. (most of the goodies you find in North America are not found in developing countries either.)


5. Travel-sized toiletries  

Contact solution, sunscreen, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo & conditioner.. no need to have the big guys, especially if you’re flying with carry-on ONLY. It will be seized at your next security check… & keeping your toiletries bottles to a minimum will help save MEGA space & weight in your suitcase.


6. Tide to-go pen 

You’re without laundry & now to make it even more inconvenient you’ve just spelt ketchup from breakfast, on your shirt… wouldn’t a tide to-go pen be handy right about now….? YAS!

7. Probiotic

Personally, my gut gets super out of whack when I travel from, trying new foods, stress, time changes YOU NAME IT… I won’t forget my probiotic… & one that I know works with my body already too. (I’m not taking any chances!)

Last thing I want when I travel is belly bloating in my kini’



8. Dry shampoo  

I don’t know how often you plan on washing your hair when you travel but for me, it’s a bare minimum (sorry but, not sorry!)

Dry shampoo is a life-saver while traveling & hearing that last spritz from the bottle is devastation to my ears…

Pro Tip: Get the travel-sized ones & pack extras!


9. Tampons w/ applicators

If you know than, you definitely KNOW what I’m sayin’! These little guys are a MUST – stock up ladies.

10. Electrolyte packets

Hangovers may not be AS bad while you’re traveling but they sure do still exist! & from experience I can tell you not all electrolytes are the same…

I remember the time in Mexico, when I drank a pharmaceutical electrolyte beverage … and I couldn’t go to the washroom for 4 days.. if you know what I mean. ZERO FUN to be had.

You can find all the items I mentioned & more travel essentials below.  


Any thoughts on this? I know I’m not alone, what is something you wished you’d brought once you arrived at your destination?


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