about me


Hi I'm Paige, a Canadian native who loves life under the sun.

I decided on the name 'that blonde bikini girl' because it's an honest reflection of what I love doing most... hanging at the beach!

I've travelled to 30 countries in the past 4 years without going into debt once, during that time I've hit some epic adventures off my bucket-list! 

5 Favourite countries: Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Croatia and Greece. 

Most excited for next: New Zealand and Iceland.

How I hit the road... 

I was 20 years old, feeling unfulfilled and alone, basically depressed... I needed an escape from the life I was living because I knew if I didn’t get out then - I might never 

So late one night, I impulsively booked a one-way ticket to Australia. A month later I packed my ridiculously ginormous backpack (I had WAY too much stuff) and off I went! I was absolutely terrified! I remember anxiously eating 3 king-size chocolate bars before I even got on the airplane! 

6 countries and 16 months later I finally returned home.

It was the first time I looked at my life and thought, wow, what I just did, that’s what I want my life to ALWAYS feel like.

 I knew it wasn’t a matter of IF I was going to do that again, it was a matter of WHEN! 

What is my blog about...

People always ask me how I afford to travel often, which got me to thinking... How can I help others do the same?

One year later, I launched this blog - a space to share my 5 years of knowledge in solo travel, destination guides, and easy ways to stay fit and healthy abroad!

I enjoy creating content!

People assume you need a fortune to travel, but that's not the case at all. You just need to know how to do it right, let me show you!