About the blogger

Hey! I'm Paige, a total nerd when it comes to learning new budgeting hacks for everyday life & while traveling!

Each week you can find me blogging from That Blonde Bikini Girl Headquarters aka. my cute studio apartment. On the couch, in my Pj’s, sharing all my secrets on how you can travel the world’s dreamy destinations alone, and for less!

A GO-TO resource if you’re someone who’s looking for relatable, honest, advice on what to expect traveling the world… Even on the brokest of budgets! Trust me - I’ve done it!

I'm most commonly known for being ‘that travel gal’ in my hometown, Calgary, Alberta. My BFF refers to me as a complete-travel-gypsy and by that she’s probably referring to me moving abroad constantly, while financially making it all happen.

You can always find my latest advice on HOW I afford to travel so often, here on my blog, on Instagram, or by saving your spot in my up-coming Grow Your Travel Fund MasterPlan!

Through trial & error I’ve learned everything I know about traveling I do today. Many, many mistakes turned into life lessons but, I’m grateful for all of them because, it has turned me into the budget travel expert I am today.

Just read the 14 travel nightmares I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about for years! And you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

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